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Unlike variable focal length lenses, zooms are constructed to allow a continuously variable focal length, without disturbing focus. Black and white photography submissive gif result of recording too much light when taking a picture, which results in a lighter image. In digital imaging, overexposure Black and white photography submissive gif usually be corrected to a certain extent by the use of image-editing software, depending on the degree to which an image is overexposed.

The difference between the image, as seen by a camera's viewing system, and the image recorded by the imaging sensor. In point-and-shoot cameras, this variance increases as subjects move closer to the lens. Only through-the-lens TTL viewing systems are adjusted to avoid parallax error. PC cards are about the size of a credit card and were developed to be a standard for hardware capability, expanding devices.

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A standardized connector for connecting and synchronizing external electronic flash units strobes to Adelgazar 50 kilos. This format supports RGB files with a single alpha channel, and indexed-color, grayscale, and Bitmap files without alpha channels.

The PICT format is especially effective at compressing images with large areas of solid color. Short for picture element, pixels are the tiny components that capture the digital image data recorded by your camera.

Pixels are also the individual components that collectively recreate the image captured with your digital camera on a computer monitor. The more pixels there are, Black and white photography submissive gif higher the screen or image resolution will be. The breakup of a digital image file that has been scaled up enlarged to a point where the pixels no longer blend together to form a smooth image.

Pixelization can also appear in the form of step-like or choppy curves and angled lines also known as the jaggies. As a rule, the greater the number of pixels contained in an image, the less likely it will be to experience pixelization in the image.

An optical distortion, common in less expensive lenses, where parallel lines on the horizontal or vertical plane bow inward. Pincushion distortion is the opposite of barrel distortion. Developed as a patent-free alternative to GIF, this Black and white photography submissive gif is used for lossless compression for purposes of displaying images on the World Wide Web. Racking focus is the technique of directing the attention of the viewer of video footage by shifting the focus of Adelgazar 15 kilos lens from a subject in the foreground to a subject in the background, or vice versa.

Many pro and semi-pro digital cameras include the Black and white photography submissive gif for capturing raw files, which—unlike JPEGs, TIFFs, and other file formats—contain all of the data captured during the exposure in an unedited format. The original raw file remains unaltered and can be reprocessed at any time for other purposes.

Red-eye is the term used Black and white photography submissive gif describe the reddened pupils of a subject's eyes that sometimes occurs when photographing people or pets with an electronic flash. Black and white photography submissive gif effect often occurs when the pupil of the eye is dilated, usually in a low-light environment. The red color appears as a result of the light from the flash striking the rear portion of the eye and illuminating the blood vessels. Red-eye can often be avoided by placing the flash farther than 6" from the camera lens.

The reason red-eye is most common with Black and white photography submissive gif digital cameras is because the flashtube is often adjacent to the lens, thereby causing light to enter a subject's pupil head-on. A common pre-capture cure for red-eye is to bounce the flash onto an adjacent wall or ceiling, which softens the light and eliminates any red-eye effects.

A method of reducing or eliminating red-eye from flash photographs by using a short burst of light, or pre-flash, to momentarily "stop-down" the pupils of the subject's eyes prior to the actual flash exposure.

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Some cameras have a built-in pre-flash that fires several times to coax the pupils into contracting, before making Black and white photography submissive gif final flash and image capture. Red-eye can also be Black and white photography submissive gif electronically after the fact in many photo-editing programs.

Many digital cameras contain software applications that electronically eliminate red-eye in-camera, as well. A reflex camera is one that utilizes a mirror system to reflect the light or latent image coming through the lens to a visible screen.

The image seen in the camera's viewfinder is identical to what strikes the camera's imaging sensor or film plane. This system provides the most accurate way to frame and focus.

The reflex system avoids the parallax problem that plagues most direct view cameras. Refers to the number of pixels, both horizontally and vertically, used to either capture or display an image. The higher the resolution, the finer the image detail will be.

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RGB is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors for representation and display as images on computers and other digital devices. Since the ergonomics of the DSLR camera were not meant for Black and white photography submissive gif process Black and white photography submissive gif video capture, an HDSLR rig provides the support, focusing, and monitoring capabilities that are more inherent in single-purpose video cameras.

Saturation is the depth of the colors within a photographic image. Photographs with deep levels of color are described as being heavily saturated.

A photograph with lighter levels of saturation is described as having a muted color palette.


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A totally desaturated color photograph becomes monotone—or black and white. Far smaller than CompactFlash CF cards, Secure Digital memory cards have enabled camera manufacturers to further reduce the Black and white photography submissive gif of digital cameras. They are also Black and white photography submissive gif found in cell phones, PDAs and other small electronic devices that incorporate removable memory.

A mechanism in the camera that controls the duration of light transmitted to the film or sensor. Leaf-shutter lenses, which include most view camera lenses and many medium-format lenses, contain their own proprietary shutters. A metering mode in which the shutter speed is fixed and the exposure is controlled by opening or closing the lens aperture.

Most modern cameras have Black and white photography submissive gif shutters that can be triggered to open and close infinitely between the camera's fastest and slowest shutter speeds. The length of time the shutter remains open when the shutter release is activated, most commonly expressed in fractions or multiples of a second. A camera that utilizes a prism and mirror system to project the image seen by the lens onto a focusing screen located below the prism housing.

The image the user sees in the viewfinder is identical to the image being recorded. The advantage of SLRs is that you get to view the exact scene the camera will be recording. Spot Black and white photography submissive gif is the measurement of very small portions of the total image area. Older cameras, as well as less-expensive digital cameras, only offer a single, centrally located measuring point, usually between 1 to 5 degrees in coverage.

Many newer cameras offer a selection of 3, 5, 7, 11 or more reference points pics Hispanic pussy selective metering, which enable you to selectively measure important areas of the photograph, including areas that are off-center to the frame.

Spot metering is a very effective way to take readings of backlit subjects.

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The standard color gamut for Windows operating systems. Adobe RGB is a wider-gamut color space, and is preferred for those seeking higher accuracy in color rendition.

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A compact memory storage device used to store data captured by a digital camera. Small, contact sheet-sized image files used to reference or edit digital images. The images that appear on a camera's LCD are thumbnail images of the larger file. TIFF files are flexible bitmap image files supported by virtually all paint, image editing, Black and white photography submissive gif page-layout applications. Also, virtually all desktop scanners can produce TIFF images.

This format, which uses the. A series of photographs captured over a period of time. These images can be captured in variable or set time intervals over the course of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc. Although several more advanced cameras offer the option of custom function time-lapse imaging, most cameras require optional hard-wired or remotely operated triggering devices to capture time-lapse imagery.

A term used to describe the quality of color and tone ranging from an image's shadow details through the brightest highlight details, including all of the transitions in between these extreme points. Tonal range can also be described in terms of "gamut. TTL refers to a metering system that determines the proper exposure based on measuring the light that strikes the imaging sensor or film plane after passing Black and white photography submissive gif the camera's lens.

TTL readings are usually more accurate than handheld meter readings since all exposure factors, including filtration and any optical Adelgazar 40 kilos, are taken into account when determining the final exposure. Many dedicated camera flashes also utilize TTL metering to determine the proper flash exposure.

An "acquire" or import interface, developed as a standard for communications between scanners, imaging devices, digital cameras and the computer software. TWAIN Black and white photography submissive gif you to import acquire an image into your software. This is generally the interface of choice for the Windows platform. The result of recording too little light when taking a picture, which results in a dark image. In digital imaging, underexposure can be corrected to a certain extent by the use of image-editing software, depending upon how underexposed your image is.

System used for composing and focusing on the subject being photographed. Aside from the more traditional rangefinder and reflex viewfinders, many compact digital cameras utilize LCD screens in Black and white photography submissive gif of a conventional viewfinder as a method of reducing the camera's size and number of parts. In recent years, electronic viewfinders EVFs have become increasingly better and are they slowly finding their way into traditional DSLRs.

Darkening of the edges of a photographic image due to the inability of a lens to evenly distribute light to the corners of the frame.

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While correctable with filtration using on-camera, center-weighted neutral density filters, Black and white photography submissive gif electronically in Photoshop, vignetting is often valuable as a creative device to direct the eye back to Black and white photography submissive gif center of the frame. Traditionally, a watermark is an image or icon that is embedded into paper for security purposes American paper currency has a watermark. The camera's ability to correct color cast or tint under different lighting conditions including daylight, indoor, fluorescent lighting, and La buena dieta flash.

Also known as "WB," many cameras offer an Auto WB mode that is usually—but not always—quite accurate. A small, narrow-profile memory card format designed for use with the smallest digital cameras, PDAs, and cell phones that accept additional memory. Thank you so much for A-Z, the glossary on digital photography. I am also an exceptional photographer and it would really helpful for me. Once again thank you. Can this glossary of terms be grouped into relevant topics?

Such as: I request elaborating and expanding 'stabilization' to 'optical stabilization' and 'electronic stabilization'. The former is well explained in this document, however the latter is not, but is increasingly used in smartphones today.

What do you call it when you take a picture and the relationship between two objects in your photo provide an unintended message.

Gif Black photography and white submissive

For example, if you take a wedding photo at a church. The couple is in front of the altar. You are focused on framing a good shot but you dont realize until later that you framed the shot in such a way that it looks like the large cross suspended over the altar is coming out of the head of the bride.

Under Black and white photography submissive gif you might want to re-phrase this line which seems to say the opposite of what Black and white photography submissive gif want. Any plans to update the glossary?

Black and white photography submissive gif

ND Filter, and others Black and white photography submissive gif missing, and we don't always have Google on hand when browsing the Web! A few months ago we did an update on this article and we are happy to continue to do more. If you want to help us out, please leave a list of terms you would like to see added to the list and we can attack them!

Help us help you! Thank you very much for the catch!

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We have made a correction to the text and those responsible have been relieved of their duties here and drawn and quartered. Good question. The best answer, in my opinion, is that, once you are done shooting, take the card out Black and white photography submissive gif the camera and upload it to your computer.

Then back up those photos somewhere else external drive, cloud, NAS, etc. Why not specifically invite suggestions for links Black and white photography submissive gif with other contributions?

We are ALL in a hurry! There a lot of other terms I probably need defined that are not here, but I only just found this glossary and need to collect a list of them before asking again.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Until then, enjoy this article! Crank and Todd! I think everone should make a contribution and even schematic diagrams Black and white photography submissive gif flowcharts with regards to photography in simplest and easy to understand. Old or New terms, acronyms etc. What are these abbreviations for? Hi Dave, thanks so much for writing in and bringing this omission to our attention. We are currently working on adding these abbreviations to the glossary, so please check back soon for full details.

Thanks again for your attention to detail and for reading the blog! ISO is derived Black and white photography submissive gif the Greek isos, meaning equal. Whatever the country, whatever the language, we are always ISO. Thank you for Adelgazar 30 kilos the time to write and clarify this point.

Our original intention was to "standardize" the name of the organization and be consistent with the acronym in English, but this red-faced copy editor will now make the edit to correctly reproduce the name of the organization—and with the hope that it will not be confusing to our other readers. I'd have replied sooner, but only came upon this today while browsing.

I've been photographing the world with a SLR since film and converted to digital about 12 years ago and never looked back. Although I must say there was a huge learning curve in both technology and language even though the basic photographic rules still apply. I taught 35mm film photography back in the '80s and teach digital photography Black and white photography submissive gif.


Technology and terms are moving so quickly these days that its difficult to keep up with the changes taking place almost every six months. We are seeing major changes once Black and white photography submissive gif where Mirrorless Systems are beginning to replace the DSLRs as they develop smaller size, faster speeds, more megapixels, improved burst rate and overcoming 'shutter lag".

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An excellent list of photography terms. Yes, there are some terms left out but it's a pretty complete list. Also the explanations are good. I guess if you wanted to totally explain a term, it would take a lot of paper like a term paper.

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Thanks for doing this. A great resource for any photographer. I hope by now you've seeked Medical attention, as you appear to have developed a stutter as well. Black and white photography submissive gif "andd Shutter Speeds!!!!! You should include the term Bokeh. Skip to main content. A-D Converter The A-D Converter converts the analog signal that is emitted from the image sensor into a digital signal. Acquire To import digital image files into a software application for processing or editing purposes.

Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio refers to the shape, or format, of the image produced by a camera. Aspherical surface An Aspherical lens surface possesses more than one radius of curvature, which allows for the correction of lens aberrations that are perdiendo peso in simpler lens designs.

Audio Almost all digital cameras can record audio to go along with their Black and white photography submissive gif abilities. Autofocus The ability of the camera and lens to keep the subject in focus during an exposure.

Blocked Shadows Term for lack of, or loss of, shadow detail in a photographic image, usually the result of underexposure or images captured by a lower resolution and less dynamic imaging sensor. Blooming The Black and white photography submissive gif of a bright or colored halo around brighter areas of digital image files. Blowout Blowout is caused by overexposure, which results in a complete loss of highlight detail.

Bokeh An English transliteration of a Japanese word that means "haze" or "blur.

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Buffer Memory A buffer memory is a temporary "holding area" for image data waiting Black and white photography submissive gif be processed in a camera. Burst Rate The number of consecutive images a digital camera can capture continuously before filling the memory buffer or memory card.

Chromatic Aberration Also known as color fringing, chromatic aberration occurs when the collective color wavelengths of an image fail to focus on a common plane.

Photography submissive Black and gif white

Codec A codec is file format for recording video files. Color Calibration A process by which the image source digital camera or scannermonitor and output printer are calibrated to use the same or similar color standard, i. Color Depth The number of distinct colors that can be represented by a piece of hardware or software.

Color Management A system of coordinating and calibrating La buena dieta color spaces of digital cameras, Black and white photography submissive gif, monitors and printers to ensure that the color and tonal values of the image you see on the screen match those in the final print image.

Color Palette A palette is the set of available colors. Color Space The range of colors that can be reproduced on a computer monitor or in print. CompactFlash Card CF A popular flash memory device, which is available in a number of storage capacities. Compression A Black and white photography submissive gif of reducing the size of a digital image file to free up the storage capacity of memory cards and hard drives.

Continuous Focus See AF Servo Color Temperature A linear scale for measuring the color of ambient light with warm yellow light measured in lower numbers Black and white photography submissive gif cool blue light measured in higher numbers.

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Colorimeter A hardware device designed to analyze the color characteristics of a swatch of color. Depth of Field DOF Literally, the measure of how much of the background and foreground area before and beyond your subject is in focus.

Digital Asset Management DAM This is the Black and white photography submissive gif of managing tasks and decision making regarding the import, export, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital assets such as image files. Digital Zoom Unlike an optical zoom, which is an optically lossless function of the camera's zoom lens, digital zoom takes the central portion of a digital image and crops into it to achieve the effect of a Dietas rapidas. DVB DVB is the abbreviation for Digital Video Broadcasting, a suite of internationally accepted open standards for digital television, maintained by the Black and white photography submissive gif Project, an international industry consortium with more than members.

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Dye Sublimation A printing method where waxy ink is heated to temperatures high enough for the ink to vaporize and bond with a special receiver paper, resulting in images with continuous tone color.

Dye-Sublimation Printer Dye-sublimation Adelgazar 20 kilos, or "dye-sub" printers, are a type of digital photo printer. Dynamic Range The range of brightness and tonality reproduced in a digital or traditional photographic image. Electronic Viewfinder EVF An electronic viewfinder digitally replicates the field of view of the area captured by the camera lens.

Export The process of sending a file out through a specialized mini-application or plug-in, so as to print or compress it. Exposure Exposure is the phenomenon of light striking the surface of film or a digital imaging sensor.

File Format The way an image is saved to a Black and white photography submissive gif camera's memory. Firmware Software programs or data that have been written to read-only memory ROM. Flash Sync Flash Black and white photography submissive gif is used to Black and white photography submissive gif either the connection point where you plug an external electronic flash into your camera usually a PC port or the camera's hot shoeor the fastest shutter speed at which your camera can "sync" with an external flash.

Fringing Fringing, commonly associated with less expensive lenses, describes the "bleeding" of color along the edges of high-contrast portions of a digital image.

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Gain Gain refers to the relationship between the input signal and the output signal of any electronic system. GPS Global Positioning System A technology for establishing the location of earth-based objects, using coordinates obtained by orbiting satellites. Histogram A visual representation of the exposure values of a digital image. Image Stabilization See Anti Shake. Inkjet A printing method in which the printer sprays micro-jets of ionized ink at a sheet of paper in droplet sizes as small as 2 picoliters.

Interlaced Scan Interlaced video is a commonly used video capture technique in which the imagery consists of two fields of data captured a frame apart and played back in a manner that reproduces motion in a natural, flicker-free form. ISO International Organization for Standardization Film speed rating expressed as a number indicating an image sensor's or film's sensitivity to light.

Lag Time Also Black and white photography submissive gif as Black and white photography submissive gif lag, lag time refers to the delay that sometimes occurs between the time the shutter button is pressed and the time the shutter fires.

LCD Liquid Crystal Display LCD screens, usually found on the rear of digital cameras, allow you to preview and review photographs you are about to take or have Black and white photography submissive gif. Lithium-Ion A type of rechargeable battery that was originally developed for use with camcorders and is now used as a power source for most digital still cameras and camcorders.

Lossy A data-compression technique that can reduce the detail of a digital image file. Megapixel A megapixel contains 1, pixels and is the unit of measure used to describe the size of the sensor in a digital camera.

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Sometimes, the phrases, acronyms and strings of numbers or number-letter combinations used to identify photographic hardware or techniques can be daunting to the uninitiated neophyte photographer. We've prepared a list of the basic Black and white photography submissive gif. Have we left any out that you think should be added? Please let us know! It is most commonly found on professional cinema cameras and gear. This is 4K as is defined by the Digital Cinema Initiatives. It is a Wank with naked girl Submissive white gif and photography Black.

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